Other Interesting Links!

Links to stuff I think is awesome, go check it out!

  • Alexis Babayan, friend and printmaker soon to be of much renoun.
  • Kari Byron, of Mythbusters fame. Turns out her own artwork totally rocks!
  • Katie Hall, friend and painter soon to be of much renoun. See the creation she came up with for my ART DOLL CHALLENGE!
  • Kari Love, talented artist and costume-maker.
  • Cory Gunter Brown, fiber artist and costume-maker, and one of the founders of the gallery The Moon, in Oakland, CA, which opened in October 2007. Check them out next time you're in the Bay Area.
  • Martha Ressler, painter and fiber artist who specializes in extremely beautiful images of fascinating industrial processes.
  • Cinders Gallery is a super cool little storefront gallery in Brooklyn that shows the work of various artists and has a section devoted to useful goods, clothing, etc, made by artists.